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Wine Country Bingo is a FREE, light-hearted, game of chance designed to poke fun at the amusing and/or annoying traits of both wine novices and wine experts, as often encountered in tasting rooms around the world.

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Which edition best suits you?

Are you an expert?
Whether you actually work in the industry or just seem to take wine more seriously than others, you likely get frustrated by loud, annoying tourists who stagger into wineries tipsy from a long day of back-to-back tastings.

In that case, the tourist edition is for you as it not-so-casually points out the many ways tourists can be... um... challenging.    

Are you a novice?
Whether you are an actual novice or simply prefer to approach wine a bit more casually, you likely get annoyed by the pomp and circumstance with which wine is discussed by industry folk and oenophiles.

In that case, the industry edition is your best bet as it pokes fun at the seriousness with which some approach wine. 

The Story...

As a wine country tourist in my early 20s, I was the recipient of many disapproving scowls from tasting room associates; once because I combined (and promptly downed) the leftover red and white wines from the previous pouring. Somehow I was unaware that my self-guided blending session did not adhere to proper tasting room etiquette. Years later, I had moved to Napa Valley, become a true "Napkin", and found myself giving tourists the evil side-eye. During these early years, I embraced the serious side of wine evaluation and was greatly annoyed when having to taste alongside loud obnoxious tourists who often made cliché comments about the quality of the wine's legs and giggled about spitting vs swallowing. Over time, as I learned more about wine and started making it at home, the shininess started to wear off. By my early 30s, I found a happy balance in my appreciation for wine. I laughed to myself as I reflected on both the dismissiveness and reverence with which I treated wine in the past - that's when Wine Country Bingo was born.

Wine Country Bingo let's me laugh at the annoying tourist I used to be (and deep down somewhat still am) as well as the tourists I can't escape while on my wine tasting staycations. And, even though I am now part of the industry, I still enjoy a good eye-roll at the expense of a wine expert who speaks ad nauseam about the importance of terroir or who, with a straight face, uses terms like "cat piss" or "barnyard" as descriptors - as if they were positive qualities (to each their own!).

So whether you're an expert or novice, make sure to take Wine Country Bingo with you the next time you're out and about in Wine Country - you'll surely get some laughs and disapproving stares. Enjoy!

Wine Country Bingo by RLOCreative |

Needed for game play:

  • A group of fun-loving wine drinkers

  • A set of Wine Country Bingo cards (6 cards per edition)

  • A tasting room (or wine event)

  • A couple handfuls of corks to use as markers - just ask the tasting room associate!

Product Details:

  • Each edition is provided as a zipped digital file

  • Each edition includes 6 game cards

  • Game cards are provided in PDF format

  • Each game card file is 8.5" x 11" (letter)

  • Corks (markers) are not included

"Purchasing" Details:

While Wine Country Bingo is FREE, you will need to add it to your cart and "purchase" it, but you will NOT need to provide any payment details. Only basic contact information is required to complete the transaction. I'm curious to see how many people download the game and where they are located and this was the easiest way to do it :) I promise I won't add you to my email list. If you want to subscribe to my newsletter, please do so below.