Customizable Label Purchase Terms & Conditions


As there is no way to return digital files, there are NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS.

That said, I highly suggest doing the following before purchasing one of my labels:

  • Legal Review

    Hire a legal professional to review any label you consider purchasing. I do my best to make sure I offer a unique product. However, in an industry flooded with brands, it's easy to see how an original design can accidentally infringe on existing copyrights (Read more in COPYRIGHT section below).

  • Review Bottling/Labeling Specs

    Talk with your bottler and/or glass supplier to check the specifications of the glass and labeling machine and make sure the label will work for your needs.

  • Printing Considerations

    If you already work with a label printer or will be printing in-house using a desktop label printer, double-check that the label design and/or size will work with whichever method you choose.


My customizable labels are designed in a way that anyone can edit them (if familiar with and have access to the the most recent release of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator). So please feel free to hire your own designer to edit whichever label you purchase.

That said, I provide ONE hour of customization support with each purchase that covers 3 things:

1. Basic label customization

- updating of legally required information (wine type, net contents, alc %, etc)

- adding/updating of optional content (barcode, fanciful name, tasting notes, etc)

2. One round of edits/corrections (if needed) after customer and compliance review

3. The creation of label images in .jpg format that will be required for a COLA (Certificate of Label Approval) application with the TTB. These will be included in a zip file along with the final, customized label artwork.

Services NOT included with your purchase (but can be provided for a fee):*

- Additional customization requests such as:

- Label resizing

- Aesthetic changes to the design (shape, colors, fonts, images)

- Addition of special finishes (foil, embossing, spot varnishes, etc)

- Additional rounds of edits/corrections

- Printing/Technical Assistance


* Should you require additional customizations to your label or other services, you will have the ability to make these requests at the same time you submit your wine. I will review your requests and get back to you with a quote. This quote will need to be approved and paid in full before services are performed.

Please note, additional service requests requiring a quote will delay and likely lengthen the customization process (which is typically 5-10 business days). A new delivery estimate will be included in the quote.

If corrections or printing/technical assistance is needed due to an error on my part, I will happily work to correct the problem at no additional charge.

Many commercial printers can provide minor design editing services and would likely be more than happy to help you add special finishes to your labels. This might be a better and more affordable option if you are wanting additional customization and/or edits.


The labels I design incorporate either original art and/or artwork in the public domain. The fonts I use are either MAC/PC system fonts and/or fonts that are free for commercial usage (to the best of my knowledge). 

I have done my best to make sure my designs are unique and the elements used in their creation do not infringe on any existing copyrights. However, copyright law is tricky, I am not a lawyer, and cannot make any warranties. Using these labels means you agree to take on full liability should copyright issues arise. 

Any fonts that I include in the packaged label file, I include with the understanding that they are 1. standard and widely used (system fonts) 2. free to use commercially 3. only being supplied for the purposes of commercial printing (as it is standard practice to include fonts should edits need to be made in prepress). I do not provide these fonts for the customer’s installation and use. It is the customer’s responsibility to find and download the fonts they need and make sure they legally adhere to all usage laws.  

Upon purchase of a label, you will be given exclusive rights to use and print the design. You are not, however, allowed to resell the design or any portion thereof. If the design you purchase includes original artwork, this artwork is excluded in the transfer of rights. It remains the property of the artist. You are not allowed to extract the original artwork from the label or use it for other purposes or within other designs. Should you wish to license the original artwork, please contact me. 


Attributions to the artist, designer, and/or font creator are inconspicuously included at the bottom of the back label. Removal of these attributions are not allowed unless expressly permitted by RLOCreative in writing.