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• Please give a detailed description and attach applicable images/files. • Please note: Most additional requests will cause your customization to be considered "non-standard", will be subject to additional design fees, and will require a longer lead time. A quote will be drafted to reflect your additional request(s). Customers must approve the quote (in writing) and submit payment in full before services are performed. • Many commercial printers can provide minor design editing services and would likely be more than happy to help with additional customization and/or adding special finishes to your label if you are using their printing services. This might be a better and more affordable option if you are wanting additional customization.
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- Requires a Dropbox account. - Make sure you disable pop-up blockers in your web browser settings. - When possible, please upload photos/artwork in the highest resolution possible, and line art in vector art format (.ai, .eps). - Please use naming convention 'clientname_label#_descriptor' (i.e. JohnDoe_CH03_082717_barcode, MarySmith_MD02_031018_winemakerphoto)

*Please Note:

A 5-10 business day turnaround assumes a simple and straight-forward customization. Missing, confusing, or incomplete information and/or requests for additional customization might delay delivery of proof and of completed, print-ready files.

These labels were designed with TTB regulations in mind. The more changes that are made, the more likely it is that the label will become non-compliant and may require corrections during the COLA application process (which would delay printing and subsequently delay bottling).