You can have a one of a kind, professionally designed, fully customizable label on the bottle in as fast as four weeks!*

Purchase & Download

Purchasing is easy - just click and buy; no need to talk to anyone! After payment has been processed, you’ll receive a link to download the label files. Easy as that! Just please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions before purchase as there are NO REFUNDS.

Review the Process

After completing your purchase, you’ll be provided with a helpful online Label Customization Guide that will walk you through the customization process (in more detail than is provided here) as well as provide other helpful resources about labeling laws and printing.

Submit Information

You may choose to work with any designer on your label customizations. That said, one hour of customization assistance is included in your purchase. Should you choose to use my services, you can quickly and easily provide me with the content for your label by filling out an online Label Customization Form. You’ll be able to provide attachments as well as request any special customizations you’d like.

Please note, special customizations are subject to a fee and may delay/prolong the customization process. Read more about my customization services (what’s included and what is not) here.

Review the Label Proof

After 5-10 business days (for standard customizations), you’ll receive a pdf proof of your label for you and your label compliance expert to review. At this time, final edits will be made to the label if needed. Read more about the reviewing/editing your label here.

Receive Final Files

Once you have signed off on the proof, confirming the label is accurate as well as compliant, I will create separate jpegs of both the front and back label (which need to be included in your C.O.L.A. application). I will send you these label images as well as the final, customized, print-ready label artwork, in one single zip file. Read more about the C.O.L.A. process here.


Once you have received a C.O.L.A. from the TTB, it is time to print! Read more about printing here.


Label Quick Reference

  • Labels were created using professional design software - Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Design files are provided in fully editable .ai. and .pdf formats as well as a text outlined version in .ai format

  • Labels are provided in print-ready format (includes cutting die lines and bleeds)

  • Labels are designed in CMYK (no spot colors) to allow for digital printing

  • Designs don’t include special finishes (foil, emboss, spot varnish, etc) to allow for affordable printing

  • Labels are sized to fit most bottle shapes, even low shouldered burgundy glass - front 4” x 3” and back 3.5” x 2.65”

  • Labels are designed to conform to ALFD/TTB labeling regulations

  • Labels don’t contain stock artwork. They incorporate either original artwork and/or artwork that is in the public domain.

  • Designs don’t incorporate licensed fonts. Uses only MAC/PC system fonts and fonts that are free for commercial use

  • Attributions to RLOCreative and/or other artists/designers are included, inconspicuously, on the back label (these attributions may not be removed)

  • Purchase includes 1hr (remote) customization assistance

Frequently Asked Questions
(and answers)

What is included when I purchase a customizable label?

  • A zip file that contains a professionally designed and fully editable wine label that is ready for customization (packaged per industry standards).

  • One hour of (remote) customization assistance which covers 3 things:

1. Standard label customization

- Updating of legally required information (wine type, net contents, alc %, etc)

- Adding/updating of optional content (barcode, fanciful name, tasting notes, etc.)

2. One round of edits/corrections (if needed) after customer and compliance review

3. The creation of label images in .jpg format that will be required for a COLA (Certificate of Label Approval) application with the TTB.

  • A zip file that contains print-ready and fully editable versions of your customizes wine label (packaged per industry standards) as well as images of the labels as needed for a COLA application.

What is NOT included when I purchase a customizable label?

Examples of services NOT included with your purchase (but can be provided for a fee) include:

Special customization requests such as:

  • Label resizing

  • Aesthetic changes to the design (shape, colors, fonts, images)

  • Addition of special finishes (foil, embossing, spot varnishes, etc)

  • Additional rounds of edits/corrections

  • Printing/Technical Assistance

How long does the customization process take? Specifically...

1. How long will it take from the time I purchase a label design to when it will be ready to go on the bottle?

* It could take as little as 4 weeks, but this is dependent on many factors including but not limited to:

  • Type of customizations you request (standard vs special)

  • TTB processing times (and whether label corrections are required)

  • Printing lead time (and if you decide to add special finishes requiring creation of tooling)

2. If I want STANDARD customizations, how long will it take from the time I submit my label information to when I will receive a completed design that is ready to send off to get a COLA?

The entire process takes approximately 2 weeks. This estimate includes 5-10 business days for the actual customization, a few days for customer/compliance review, and a couple days to complete ONE round of edits (if needed). To make the process move as fast as possible, it’s important to provide all the information I’ll need to complete the customization as clearly and as accurately as possible via the label customization form I provide. The more back and forth that is required to clarify your requests or ask for additional content/info will greatly slow down the process. It also helps if you (and/or your compliance person) are readily available when it comes time for the label review.

3. If I want SPECIAL customizations, how long will it take from the time I submit my label information to when I will receive a completed design that is ready to send off to get a COLA?

If you request additional customizations beyond what is standard, it's no longer considered a "standard customization" but becomes a "special customization" and will NOT likely be completed within 5-10 business days. Special customizations typically take more time to complete and require a design proposal. This proposal will need to be agreed upon and paid in full before non-standard customization services are performed. The minimum charge for special customizations is $150.

What if I am not satisfied with the product? Can I get a refund?

Since digital files cannot be returned, I do not provide refunds (please refer to my Terms and Conditions). If you feel the product is inferior or not as promised, please contact me so that I may work with you to resolve the issue.

Is there a printer you suggest I use?

There are many amazing printers here in Northern California. Some of my favorites include ASL Print FX in Napa, Vintage 99 in Santa Rosa and Livermore, and Paragon Label in Petaluma. Each of them have different strengths depending on your specific label needs (quantity, turnaround time, special finishes, etc.). Speaking of special finishes and printers, see next question.

Can you change the color or size/shape of the label? What if I want to add special finishes to the label like emboss, foil, high-build varnish, etc?

This is all doable, but considered outside the scope of basic customization, so it’s offered for an additional fee. You can make this request when you complete the Label Customization Form and I will provide you with a quote (minimum $150).

However, I strongly suggest reaching out to your printer first to get ballpark printing costs. Show them the customized label you've purchased (or want to purchase) and ask them what you can do to spice it up and remain within your budget. That way you'll know exactly what customizations you want when you fill out the Label Customization Form.

Insider tip: If you plan on producing your labels at commercial printing facility, they might be willing to make the standard customizations (and perhaps special customizations too) to your label for a nominal fee or free of charge as part of securing your printing job. Doesn’t hurt to ask!

I'd like to use my own designer to update the label I purchase. What skills and/or software will my designer need?

I provide very clean and organized files so it should be a breeze for almost anyone familiar with the software to customize. I create my labels using Adobe software (Photoshop and Illustrator) so they will need access to both.

The label package includes:

  • .ai and .pdf files with live type

  • .ai file with outlined type

  • .txt package report

  • "Fonts" folder - contains all fonts used in label

  • "Links" folder - contains all linked artwork used in label

  • "Resources" folder - includes important information on artwork and fonts

If I choose to work with another designer to complete the standard customizations on my label, can I use the one hour of customization service you provide to make more specialized customizations to my label?

No. I only provide standard customizations as a part of the one hour service. And, due to technical reasons, I can't work on files another designer has edited.

How are your labels different from those customizable label templates I've seen elsewhere on the Internet?

My labels are designed for commercial wine producers so they are legally compliant and adhere to industry standards. They are also not templates as they are completely unique - the same design is never sold twice.

The label templates I have seen online are just that - mass produced designs that can be slightly altered but are essentially the same and are sold multiple times - they aren't something upon which a wine brand can be developed. And typically, they are not designed to be used commercially but rather for labeling shiners purchased for one-off events like weddings, birthdays, etc.

From what I have heard from others in the industry, no one is providing customizable labels like the ones I have created, nor have I seen anything similar.

Why do I need to have a compliance expert review my label?

While I am familiar with TTB labeling laws and have designed my customizable labels to adhere to current regulations (at time of creation), I am not a compliance expert. That said, I suggest you hire someone well-versed in wine labeling laws to review the label before it's submitted for a C.O.L.A. (Certificate of Label Approval).

The goal here is to save time, money, and stress by reducing the rounds of edits to just ONE as additional rounds of edits are subject to a fee.

What made you decide create customizable labels?

The idea for customizable labels came to me after years of designing made-to-order labels for the wine industry and witnessing producers struggle with finding a quality, affordable, fast solution to their label needs (especially for those making low-margin private label wines). As an artist who loves freedom of expression, I saw an opportunity to create a product that was mutually beneficial - a product that allowed me to let my creativity run wild while fulfilling a growing need in the wine industry. I realized I was in the perfect position to combine my artistic and creative abilities with my knowledge of the intricacies of label regulations, design, and printing.

My intent was to develop labels that weren't just beautiful, but were so well-designed and easy to use that it almost didn't make sense to hire a designer to create a label from scratch. That said, there will always be a need for custom-made labels but my hope is that, for those times when another option might make more sense, wine producers will know where to look.

Do you design other packaging elements like cork and capsule artwork or shippers? What about sales and marketing materials?

Yes. After years in the wine industry, I can honestly say there isn't much I haven't designed when it comes to wine. If you need additional design services outside the scope of your label, just let me know - I'd be happy to discuss your needs.

Why have you included attributions to the back labels? Can this be removed?

No, the attributions cannot be removed without written permission from RLOCreative.

While I understand this is not standard practice, I consider this to be akin to the tradition of including a winemaker's signature on a label. As label design plays such an important role in consumers' buying habits, one could argue (and I do) that the label and the wine inside are equally important components of the product as a whole - and the creators of both are worthy of recognition. And, as I could not create these designs without the beautiful typefaces so graciously provided for free by other talented designers, I have also chosen to include their names as well (and some require attribution as payment for use).

Do you guarantee my customized label will receive a COLA? What if the TTB requests corrections?

Since labeling laws are always changing and because those reviewing the labels can interpret labeling laws differently and make subjective decisions, I cannot guarantee your label will receive a COLA the first time around. This is why I highly suggest you run the design by a compliance expert before you submit your application. That still won't guarantee the label will pass but it will be much more likely.

In the case corrections are requested from the TTB, I would request the documentation provided by the TTB so that I can read the request firsthand, ensuring nothing is lost in translation. Depending on the extent of the edits needed and, assuming it was not due to an error on my part, I would reserve the right to charge a fee for the correction(s).

New customizable label designs are always in development!

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