What's in a Label?

Thoughts on the importance of label design.

That wine which we label, by any other label would taste as sweet... right? My apologies for the rip-off Mr. Shakespeare. The answer is, probably. But seeing as how many people choose a wine by its label, an unfamiliar wine might never get the chance to be tasted if the label doesn't compel a person to buy it.

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Why Does it Have to be so Hard?

Helpful tips on getting COLAs from the TTB and Registered TMs from the USPTO.

Dealing with the TTB and USPTO can be very similar to dealing with the DMV, but imagine there are thousands of people waiting in the digital queue ahead of you. As with the DMV (seriously Federal Government, what's with the acronyms?), you're a nervous wreck because you're worried that when you finally get to the window, you will discover you completed the forms wrong…

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